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Motivations in The Business Sales Executive ... (Translate from last entry)

The teams are comprised of commercial salesmen, between experienced and novice, the former are called "senior" and novices often are called "junior".
One of the problems facing business managers or bosses is the motivation of business executive, when this has basic salary and a variable component, so for example, a company has a scale of wages following:
Fixed salary $ 300
Variable Salary:
A level sales exceeding $ 100,000 pays 3%
B level sales exceeding  $ 50,000 pays 2%
C level sales exceeding $ 30,000  pays 1%
Thus business executive can get as total salary in a work period of 30 days:
U $ 3,300 if you sell more than the level A
U $ 1300 if you sell more than the level B
U $ 600 if you sell more than the C level
If you don´t get C level (less than $ 30,000) does not receive any variable compensation and only covers your basic income.
But not all businesses are successful, the competition is not sleeping, in fact , the business executive has to have a very good portfolio of businesses (business portfolio) to achieve a high probability of successful businesses in between. The Threats  as "incentives" to the sales team are not effective, since only help to take this auspicious occasions offered by the market to be relocated in another company or competition; a bad boss or manager is the guy who will seek personal offense to the business executive, just for getting discomfort generate a harmful work environment for the purposes of the company's proven that companies with abusive bosses and bullies rarely grow and end up affected by their employees, who become the destroyers of the reputation of the company and finally inadequate attitude of senior management, end this company.
The deal is to offer as an incentive to business executive, an appropriate package for your personal growth, this means:
- Good Working Environment avoid bosses, managers or executives (owners)  injurious,  they only contribute to the destabilization of the organization, because they forget that the company is a living organization composed of rational beings.
- Bonds, prizes and Congratulations, a good manager,  or boss; congratulates and rewards the efforts of the business executive, using this advantage to show how sales leads, analyzing as this successful seller, achieve their goals and explaining them to others salesmen, this is continuous training and effective day.
Sometimes a public congratulations, help to improving the sales team and the bonds are monetary awards, aimed at overcoming business goals.
- Overcoming Professional, sales teams often consist of professionals from different activities, many of which have seen truncated their wishes and aspirations of academic nature; for it is important for executives, managers and leaders, encourage the continuation of these, seeking that the business executive take training courses in different business aspects, which ultimately would be for the continuous improvement for the company and will be the solid foundation for the seller .
- Special labor conditions, many companies offer as a "hook" packages life insurance, health, cars, family insurances; etc. to get encouraging on to the salesmen to "take care of" their working position, as is many more benefits than those offered by the competition.
One motivation technique which are used in some companies is to propose the business executive, not the sales quota; but yes a maximum salary that the him, must reach; of the above example, is proposed to the seller that his monthly salary reaches the $ 3,300 for to his personal safety, and the growth of their families depends on their efforts to achieve this salary amount this represents for the company a top seller, and the company reach to sales required as business objective; thus motivating the seller to obtain wages above the labor market to the same level or position and thus the concern of the business executive focused on their own level,  and indirectly,  income is the profit of the company for keep up.
What is the cost to the company of a professional salesperson?
Thereby in the company exist the myth that a new business executive gets ready to deliver 100% immediately of their capacity, and so,  many managers are disappointed by the limited sales results in the first work weeks. But what you expected? remember that a professional salesperson is a social being within a social organization, then there is no such magic,  neither much less the professional success comes from "secret occult arts", it believing in these myths, is for executives, managers and heads of the company, a cheat themselves and their own organization, similar to the "fool" , that who believes his shadow it's chasing to him. There is a period of adaptation to organizational change, a time of market adjustment to the new position of the seller, a period of recognition of the "field" where the new business executive should operate, even if have  both products or services of high content technological, no need for a training period before. These periods vary depending on the ability of the company to insert between his clients the new sales executive, the position of the company in the market, market conditions, finally the skill of the manager, manager or head of adding it to the sales team .
Now if is junior business sales executive,  the effort of the company is higher, since it has to "learn" and must do so in the hands of the managers or sales managers with more experience. It is expected on average almost a year for these new business salesmen, reach a reasonable maturity to manage their own portfolio of businesses and customers.
Igualmente, a director, manager or boss is not nor should it behave like a "father" that distorts the expectations of professionals, paternalism does not contribute to improving the working conditions, the right thing is to create conditions of social equality within the hierarchy of respect and fulfillment of the contracted work.


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