Friday, March 06, 2015

Marketing Strategies are Consistent with Market Preferences?

The sales and marketing strategies need rather support market research, knowledge of consumer preferences, knowledge of socioeconomic levels, income levels of the distribution chain, sales points; and so on.
Many companies with inexperienced teams develop plans entry of products or services based on facts not as real; using assumptions that are incorrect against the real market and they derive obviously flawed statistical calculations.
Examples of these events occurred in Peru, with well-known brands.
Quilmes beer brand in Argentina who tried to enter the Peruvian market, was a commercial failure; Peruvian consumers do not change their preferences beer produced in the local market for another beer.
 About 5 years ago, Coca Cola tried to introduce a product of relative success in Chile: A juice with milk. Unfortunately the Peruvian market is not used to make juices with milk, let alone the school segment, which prefer juices only, no extra milk. After a million dollar advertising campaign, the result was a commercial failure.
Unilever, a multinational company tried to introduce in the Peruvian market ice cream brand Bresler, after a short time and an expensive advertising campaign and the introduction of the brand, the product was removed from the local market.
Local company Lindley introduced to the local market a beverage intended to replace the popular and traditional Chicha Morada, more than two years of development of marketing and advertising costs, the product has been recalled.
Market Reseach may include analysis of:
Current trends.
The performance of major competitors.
 Public opinion on a new product.
 The effectiveness of advertising today.
 For these studies requires specialized personnel with experience in market research and with very strong knowledge of the product or service and market to where they want to go.
While it is important academic knowledge, but an investment of millions of dollars debne be supported by specialists under a strategic work plan, a project profile and market simulations, before entering the stage of development of the product or service .

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