Saturday, November 05, 2011

Inequality and Wealth Distribution: Dr. R. Wilkinson and Dra. K. Pickett

Is the Latin America is the most inegalitarian part of the world?
Some of the reasons are the stress of living in a rich society is dangerous, Dr. Richard Wilkinson and Dr. Kate Pickett has demostrated over  public health researcher of 30 years' standing, they´ve compiled information from around 200 different sets of data, using reputable sources such as the World Bank, the World Health Organisation and others, to form a set of evidence against inequality that is impossible to deny.
Wilkinson and Pickett point out that the life-diminishing like results of valuing growth above equality in rich societies can be seen all around us. Inequality causes shorter, unhealthier and unhappier. Once economic growth has pushed up absolute income levels and done away with pain, people tend to be more healthy and live longer if levels of income inequality are relatively low (Wilkinson / Pickett Book). Some countries with lower per capita income levels but also lower income inequality, can do better in terms of public health than high income countries with higher levels of income inequality, because wealth difference between citizens it increases the rate of teenage pregnancy, violence, drugs addiction; it destroys relationships between individuals born in the same place (different classes). Poorer countries with a more equal wealth distribution are healthier and happier than richer, more unequal ones. 
Latin america has persistent patterns of high inequality within countries, it´s mainly appear like exploitation of coerced labor and the restricted access to property. Latin america´s institutional arrangements, it´s enhance economic opportunities for some while simultaneously restricting the access of large sectors of the population to various forms of opportunity like educational, political, economic, health, so Latin american´s rich are richer but the number of poor and homeless has increased.


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