Saturday, December 06, 2014

Pensamiento Económico: Escuela Francesa y Escuela Norteamericana, Una versión de T. Piketty

Para el economista Thomas Piketty, las diferencias entre las escuelas del pensamiento económico (en su versión personal), se distancián por el método de la investigación, puesto que la escuela francesa está mucho mas ligada al pensamiento social y de investigación de campo, mientras que la escuela norteamericana ha buscado la precisión de los modelos matemáticos construidos sobre la visión del positivismo del siglo XX.
Un estracto de la opinión de este importante economista de talla mundial:

"There is one great advantage to being an academic economist in France: here, economists are not highly respected in the academic and intellectual world or by political and financial elites. Hence they must set aside their contempt for other disciplines and their absurd claim to greater scientific legitimacy, despite the fact that they know almost nothing about anything. This, in any case, is the charm of the discipline and of the social sciences in general: one starts from square one, so that there is some hope of making major progress. In France, I believe, economists are slightly more interested in persuading historians and sociologists, as well as people outside the academic world, that what they are doing is interesting (although they are not always successful). My dream when I was teaching in Boston was to teach at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, whose faculty has included such leading lights as Lucien Ebvre, Fernand Braudel, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Pierre Bourdieu, Françoise Héritier, and Maurice Godelier, to name a few. Dare I admit this, at the risk of seeming chauvinistic in my view of the social sciences? I probably admire these scholars more than Robert Solow or even Simon Kuznets, even though I regret the fact that the social sciences have largely lost interest in the distribution of wealth and questions of social class since the 1970s
Extraido de:
Capital in the 21st Century, (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014, T. Piketty.


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