Sunday, December 23, 2012

Indice de Percepción de Corrupción 2012: Perú retrocede.

El Perú se encuentra ubicado en el índice de percepción de la Corrupción como sigue:

Año 2011 -------------- Perú ---------------- puesto 80  (menos corrupto)
Año 2012 -------------- Perú ---------------- puesto 83  (Mas corrupto)

Según la Organización Transparency ,  el Perú se ha vuelto mas corrupto desde el año 2011.  Aquí el enlace: 


Blogger juan said...

You may want look into work done by Daniel Kaufmann although I'm not sure that any of it deals specifically with Peru - his determinants and methodology seem more complete than that of Transparency.

In at least some instances he takes account of 'legal illegality' [which, in the U.S., constitutes e.g., corp. campaign contributions and other such payments which contradict the supposed civil society/state relations].

It's been a few years but I recall his finding the U.S. ranking around no. 60 in a global list while Transparency placed them in the top five or so.

2:47 AM  
Blogger juan said...

I had entered a longer comment but logging-in erased it so will only mention that you may want to look into work on governance and corruption done by Daniel Kaufmann.



2:58 AM  

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